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Sixers too strong for Wolves



Worn by Joel Embiid, the 76ers won against the Timberwolves when, during a tribute evening to Pau Gasol, the Lakers were able to count on Anthony Davis to win against the Grizzlies. After nine wins in a row, the Knicks fell at home against the Hornets.

The duel between Joel Embiid and Rudy Gobert sparked. While the pivot of the France team achieved an average performance (6 points, 9 rebounds), the one who could soon be his teammate in the selection made the powder speak (39 points, 7 rebounds). A meeting that was very close for almost the entirety of the first two quarters. Indeed, until the last five minutes before returning to the locker room, the difference between the two teams never exceeded five units.

That’s when the Sixers stunned Wolves with a 15-0 before Anthony Edwards (32 points, 7 rebounds), brought the Minneapolis-based franchise back to thirteen units. The second half of the game was then a lonely affair for Philadelphia, which continued to widen the gap. After exceeding the 20-point lead at the very end of the third quarter, the Sixers never fell below in the last twelve minutes. In the end, the Philadelphia franchise won by 23 units (94-117). A third success in a row that reduces the gap on the Celtics, who are going through a bad patch, and keeps the Cavaliers at a distance. After three wins in a row, the Timberwolves are marking time. Fortunately for them, at the same time, the Warriors conceded a second consecutive defeat on the floor of the Thunder (137-128) and do not fly in the standings while the Mavericks, Jazz scorers (120-116), stand out.

The Lakers didn’t spoil the party for Gasol

Emotion was at the rendezvous this Tuesday at the Arena. In effect, Pau Gasol’s number 16 has been officially retired by the California franchise during a ceremony during which the aura of Kobe Bryant was present. Before all that, there was a game and the Lakers ended up having the last laugh against the Grizzlies. From the start of the match, the two teams went blow for blow but, if the franchise of Memphis led the longest in the first twelve minutes, it was that of Los Angeles which turned in the lead, thanks in particular to at a 7-0.

If Santi Aldama (11 points, 5 rebounds) brought the Grizzlies back to two points at the end of the first quarter, it was only at the very end of the second that they took control from the point of view of the Bulletin board. Jaren Jackson Jr (26 points, 8 rebounds) and his teammates were able to take the lead by a short length on the way back to the locker room. The crossover continued upon returning to the floor with the same scenario in the last two quarters. Indeed, it was the Grizzlies who raced first before the Lakers fought back to take the lead. In this little game Anthony Davis was a key element for the Lakers (30 points, 22 rebounds). Before the tribute to the legend that will remain Pau Gasol, the Lakers did everything to make the party a success with a success of nine lengths (112-103). A second victory in a row and the 32nd in 66 games which allows the Californian franchise to continue to believe in the play-offs.

End of series for the Knicks

Every series has an end, this is what Tom Thibodeau must have said to himself after the setback conceded by the Knicks at Madison Square Garden against the Hornets. However, the scenario of the meeting will be enough to enrage the native Connecticut technician. Indeed, until the start of the last three minutes of the match, the “Big Apple” franchise had everything under control. If Evan Fournier remained on the bench once again for the entire game, the Knicks were able to count on RJ Barrett (27 points, 6 rebounds) and Julius Randle (16 points, 8 rebounds) to race in the lead. If the Hornets resisted during the first twelve minutes, the Knicks made the difference at the very end of the second quarter, managing to exceed the ten-point lead to reach the break with a mattress of sixteen units . However, back on the floor, the Hornets changed gear. Kelly Oubre Jr (27 points, 5 rebounds, Terry Rozier (25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists) and Gordon Hayward (23 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists) sounded the charge to patiently come back and even pass in front of a few seconds at the end of the third quarter. It was thus in the last three minutes that the Charlotte franchise frustrated the Knicks supporters to snatch a long improbable victory (105-112) against a team that stops at nine wins in a row. A setback that does the business of the Nets, victorious on the floor of the Rockets (96-118). The Hornets, after three defeats in a row, raise their heads in a very complicated season.

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