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Many events aimed at entrepreneurs, and more specifically SMEs, will take place in the coming weeks. A brief overview of the calendar in the world of SMEs.

Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

Thinking of making a foray into the United States? The American territory involves several risks concerning intellectual property, more particularly in the case of the manufacture of products and the provision of services. Useful training for any company that wishes to export to the United States or that already carries out commercial activities there.


Marry neurodiversity and entrepreneurship, how to succeed? According to the 2021 Quebec Entrepreneurial Index, nearly twice as many business owners say they are neuroatypical (11.2%) compared to people who do not lead an entrepreneurial process (6.5%). This webinar offers an overview of the types of neuroatypies, those that are most common among entrepreneurs, but also the experience of a seasoned entrepreneur.

Economic Laval

In the current context of labor scarcity, SMEs absolutely must innovate to ensure their survival. Economic Laval offers a workshop that aims to encourage companies to be proactive and to integrate innovation and tools adapted to technological evolution to attract talent through more attractive job offers.

Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) are now priorities within our company. However, what place do they occupy within companies? Is there room for diversity in business? There is evidence that the more diversity a company has among its employees, the greater the influence on the business model of social and environmental variables. How are the notions of inclusion and diversity illustrated within companies, in their practices or even in their activities? Answers in this webinar offered by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal.

SME Strategies Fair

The 10e presentation of the Strategies PME trade fair will be held on November 17 and 18 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal and will welcome more than 400 experts who will offer advice to SME managers. The event also offers 130 conferences.

SME Montreal

From idea to business launch. Whether it is to guide you during the exploratory phase, to validate a business idea or to find tools and resources, PME Montréal offers information sessions on starting a business. On the menu: an overview of the assistance and support available, the right questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge and the essential elements for validating your idea or business project.

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