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Snow falls on the province



Snow-covered roads and reduced visibility: the storm that is hitting several regions of Quebec should bring another several centimeters.

“For the Bas-du-Fleuve, the Gaspésie and the Côte-Nord, it’s really right now [samedi après-midi] it’s happening,” said Frédérick Boulay, meteorologist at Environment Canada. These regions, which have already received about 15 centimeters of snow, are expected to receive up to 25 cm more.

Estrie and Beauce will also be entitled to heavy snowfall, totaling about thirty centimeters on Saturday.

The Montreal region, which was rather spared by the storm, should expect to receive an additional 5 cm of snow. In all, about ten centimeters should have covered the metropolis at the end of the Saturday evening.

As for the Gatineau and Laurentides regions, the snow is behind them. In all, these places received about fifteen centimeters, indicates Mr. Boulay.

Strong winds Sunday in the East

Sunday will be windy in many parts of the province. “In the east, strong winds are expected on the north of the Gaspé Peninsula, with gusts that could exceed 90 km/h,” indicates Frédérick Boulay.

Blowing snow is expected to fall tomorrow on the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie, thus risking blinding motorists, warns Mr. Boulay. However, the winds are expected to calm down by the end of the day.

Winds from the West will blow over the metropolis on Sunday morning. Gusts of up to 50 km/h will sweep through the region, but they will cease in the late morning.

The sun will shine in several regions of Quebec and the mercury should reach the -5°C mark.

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