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Snowstorm | Up to 35 cm expected in places



(Montreal) Winter has not said its last word: a snowstorm will hit several regions of Quebec on Friday evening and will continue on Saturday, bringing up to 35 cm in certain sectors.

The regions most affected by the snowstorm will be the Côte-Nord, where up to 35 cm are forecast for tomorrow, as well as Bas-Saint-Laurent, Estrie and Beauce, where precipitation is expected. maximum of 30 cm. In the Quebec region, the snow should start on Friday evening and continue on Saturday, up to 25 cm.

In Estrie, the snow will fall on the region as of Saturday morning, indicates Peter Kimbell, meteorologist at Environment Canada. Winds of 50 km / h from the west will blow over the region in the morning, dropping temperatures below 0 ° C, he said. “The roads will then become more dangerous, especially in the afternoon,” he warns.

On the North Shore and Bas-Saint-Laurent, gusts of at least 50 km/h will accompany the snow that will fall early Saturday morning. Motorists will have to be extra careful, since visibility will then be “almost zero”, warns Peter Kimbell.

As for Montreal, Gatineau and Montérégie, the snow that already covers the roadway will continue on Saturday. Smaller amounts than forecast for other regions are expected, however, with maximum rainfall of 15 cm. The snow should stop late Saturday evening, said Peter Kimbell.

Redoux expected next week

After the winter temperatures of Friday and Saturday, the heat will be in the following days, especially in Greater Montreal and Estrie.

The sun will shine on the metropolis on Sunday, with temperatures reaching -3°C. The mercury will continue to climb over the next week, reaching Thursday up to 11°C in Montreal and 13°C in Estrie. “There will be snowmelt next week,” predicts Peter Kimbell.

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