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some secrets slipped into the trailer



Have you missed these crucial clues? The Silent Hill Townfall trailer has many surprises in store for us.

It’s been several days since Konami lifted the lid on a ton of projects that will form the future of the franchise. silent Hillincluding a spin-off game named Silent Hill: Townfall. This was the most enigmatic of all the announcements since the teaser did not show us any gameplay images or even a cutscene, and contained a more than cryptic voice message.

However, the short minute of video was not completely devoid of interest. Indeed, many fans have dug a little deeper into the subject, and have found some convincing clues. In most cases, Internet users have been able to decipher certain messages hidden in the audio but also the visual of the trailer, so we give you a recap of everything that has been discovered.

Hidden messages do you want some here

Firstly, the user named MilkManEx on Reddit managed to reveal a message in the spectrogram, by converting the audio from the video to MP3 format. This states: “Whatever heart this town had, it stopped.” Another message, this time present very briefly on the screen of the mini television, tells us: “Thy flesh is weak” (understand your skin is fragile). This phrase is actually from the bible, so some think the game will be centered around a religious plot.

33 seconds after the start of the trailer, we can also hear (or not) a woman’s voice. In any case, this is confirmed by the subtitles of the video which indicate “inaudible female voice coming from the radio”. Several fans have noticed that the voice in question mentioned either the first name Alissa or that of Heather, two very important characters in the Silent Hill franchise.

Finally, a last message was brought to light thanks to photos shared by Annapurna. On these, an Internet user managed to decode Morse code, leaving us with the following sentence: “I don’t know how to leave”.

In total blur

All these clues, even put end to end, do not tell us much about the content of the game which remains very secret. It must also be said that the game is currently in the early development phase, so it should not see the light of day in the coming months. Developed by No Code, to whom we owe the titles Observation and Stories Untold, also counts on the involvement of Konami and Annapurna, for an optimal result.

Silent Hill Townfall therefore leaves us a little unsatisfied, although its audio message throughout the video is also a central element that should be deciphered once we have more information. The theme of punishment, however, seems consistent with a horrifying religious plot. Here is the full transcript:

Why are you here ? No. In this place, why are you here? You are here to be punished. It’s good, I like it. You know what, I think you’re right. I mean, we did something so horrible that we’re stuck here in this place being judged by these people. But for you, I think it’s more than that. I think you are here for another reason. And I don’t want to be here with you when you find out.

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