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Sonic Frontiers is a big hit for Sega



Sega has bet on the right horse with Sonic Frontiers, which certainly represents the video game future of its mascot. Open-area play hit a franchise sales record in one month.

Sonic Frontiers, the latest Sonic game, sold 2.5 million copies in one month! It was Sega who announced the good news on his Twitter account, thus confirming that daring pays off. The profound changes driven by the Sonic Team and supported by the publisher effectively redefine the universe of the speedy hedgehog.

Sonic Frontiers, the future of Sonic games

All is not perfect in the game. While Nintendo has fully grasped the open world with Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Sonic Frontiers suffers from too many activities, some of them even seem to have been integrated into the shoehorn. This is the case of the “classic” levels in 2D and 3D which ultimately do not bring much while disrupting the gameplay of the title.

Despite everything, it’s hard to blame Sega and the Sonic Team for wanting to honor the heritage of the franchise by being very generous with the content! And it’s not over, as three big updates are planned throughout the next year, including one that will feature a new story. On December 21, players will also receive a Christmas costume for Sonic!

These 2.5 million copies sold in one month will encourage the developers in this way of open areas (the game takes place in 5 large islands), for the greatest pleasure of the players. In a month, Sonic Frontiers accounted for half of Sonic game sales last year (5.8 million games sold)! sonic maniareleased in 2017 and which is considered one of the best titles in the saga, sold one million copies in one year.

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