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Sonic Frontiers shows us his Breath of the Wild tunes at full speed



New gameplay footage from Sonic Frontiers reveals more about the open dimension of the Blue Hedgehog’s latest adventures.

Vast green plains, a mystical atmosphere and strange enemies with luminous mechanisms: it does not take more to make the link between the new Sonic game and the latest adventures of Link. In fact, players and other fans had a great time on social networks.

Yesterday, SEGA published ahead of the Summer Game Fest (the only replacement for E3 this year) a first trailer for Sonic Frontiers planned for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles. Still no release date on the horizon, but in a tweet, the studio promises more footage of the game to come sometime in June. We’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind, but there’s no denying a certain resemblance to Link’s wild adventures in the open plains of Hyrule.

open worlds and Breath of the Wild

However, it is far too simple to stop at this simple comparison. Although The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have marked a revival in the way open-world games are built, this new mode of considering each new open game as a copy of Breath of the Wild is problematic. A work will always be inspired by another, but very often brings its share of novelties.

The short extract from the teaser offered by SEGA is therefore not enough to know what this future game really offers, and its simple aesthetic is not a mark of a pale copy of what Nintendo already offered in 2017. A title like Genshin Impact is enough to show thatit is possible to do something new with very similar bases.

Sonic and 3D

Since its transition to 3D, the blue hedgehog has struggled to find its rhythm. Its new games sometimes offer a very good experience, but often the speed of the SEGA mascot and three-dimensional linear levels do not mix well.

But this time, the world of Sonic Frontiers seems to be on a phenomenal scale. Thus, a real freedom of movement may be offered to players and will allow feel the speed sensation of Sonic like never before. We will no longer bump into walls every 5 seconds, it will finally be possible to spin at full speed to face formidable opponents.

The teaser also shows us extracts of battles which seem to reveal a brand new combat system. With a dynamic reminiscent of the combos of Sonic Heroesthis new title obviously tries to reinvent the Sonic recipe to overcome the disappointment of sonic forces.

See you in the coming weeks to discover more about this new adventure of the fastest hedgehog in the world.

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