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Sony confirms Horizon, God of War and … Gran Turismo series!



Sony is multiplying projects in the world of cinema and series, in collaboration with Netflix and Amazon.

It’s no secret that Sony wants to make the most of its video game franchises. After the film Uncharted released at the beginning of the year, it is the turn of other AAAs to offer themselves an incursion on small and large screens. Today, we learn that several series are being prepared, including one bearing the image of the saga Horizonor on god of war. And since there are never two without three, we will also be entitled to a series Gran Turismo. First info below.

It was during a Sony Business Briefing that the firm announced these various projects. If we already knew the existence of some of them unofficially, this information is all that is more official. It was Jim Ryan himself who mentioned them during a question and answer session.

Netflix, Amazon, everyone gets their piece of the PlayStation pie

For the moment, very little information is therefore available on these productions. We do know, however, that the Horizon series is heading for release on Netflix, while the God of War series, which we have already told you about here, will be available on Amazon Prime Video. Enough to satisfy the two great rivals. For Gran Turismo on the other hand, nothing is fixed yet. No host has yet managed to grant Sony favors for this specific project, of which we know once again absolutely nothing.

If this would have been the opportunity to learn more about the plots that will be at the heart of these series, or even the way in which they will be produced (live-action, animation, etc.), the firm wanted to say only the strict minimum… which we will be satisfied with for the moment. This is already quite good news for fans of these AAAs, who are now a little apprehensive about discovering what the production companies have in store for us.

A dozen projects to come

During this conference, Sony took the opportunity to establish its notoriety and once again convey its desire to produce works ranging “beyond video games“. When it comes to pure PlayStation game adaptations, the company says 10 different projects are in the works. Along with the three aforementioned series, the HBO series The Last of Us, the movie Ghost of Tsushima as well as the Twisted Metal series, there are then 4 productions of which we do not yet know the existence. An announcement coming soon? Only time will tell.

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