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Sony continues dangerous promises for its PSVR 2



The new virtual reality headset signed PlayStation is preparing its arrival, but are the manufacturer’s ambitions realistic?

Some technological innovations are trying somehow to find a place in the world of gaming, and this is particularly the case with virtual reality. Introduced for a few years now, it has the merit of intriguing many players thanks to its surprising possibilities in terms of new gameplay. But despite a curiosity on the part of gamers, VR is struggling to find a place of choice in homes.

Currently, the Meta Quest 2 is the best-selling virtual reality headset on the market with “only” 17 million copies sold. In comparison with other types of peripherals or technological tools, this figure, however surprising, remains very meager. Put back in the context of Sony and PlayStation, the first PSVR of the name sold 5 million copies, a milestone reached in January 2020 (three years after its release). The VR market is risky, but Sony is stopping at nothing and its ambitions are always higher according to some insiders.

Massive VR

Our colleagues from Bloomberg gathered critical information regarding the production of PSVR 2 from sources who wished to remain anonymous. This supposedly private news reveals that the production of the latest generation helmet has been at full power since last September. With the PlayStation VR2 due to hit the market early next year, this early production goes hand-in-hand with Sony’s expectations for its new product.

Indeed, the insiders interviewed also revealed that Sony plans no less than 2 million copies of its headphones by next March. This allows to have a better idea of ​​the release window of the new gadget but especially of the level of ambition of the manufacturer. The first version of the PSVR exceeded one million copies sold eight months after its release. PlayStation therefore hopes to crush this record with its latest innovation. These few exclusive details also reveal that March 2023 should coincide with the end of the PS5 production worries..

Almost three years after its release, the console should finally be more accessible. The manufacturer is therefore preparing to propel its helmet alongside the game support that many gamers dream of. The price of the PlayStation VR2 has not yet been revealed, but it’s a safe bet that the bill could be steep given the technologies that this next-gen headset promises.

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