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Sony temporarily blocks this technique to pay less



It is no longer possible to combine PlayStation Plus subscriptions at least until the release of the new formulas.

In less than two months, the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be released, thus making the current single formula almost obsolete. If Sony has already revealed the prices of each subscription, and they seem quite correct compared to those of Xbox Game Pass, some players have found a loophole that will allow them to pay less, in the long term.

Indeed, it has always been possible to combine subscriptions to PS Plus or PS Now, in order to have them for a few years, which was particularly advantageous when the services were on sale. With the new formulas, some have understood the interest of doing it just before they are really put in place.

Next June, those who have an active subscription to PS Now will automatically be rewarded with a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, the most expensive and advantageous formula. This is why many players have started to accumulate subscriptions, in order to take advantage of the new formula at no additional cost. A technique as ingenious as it is inaccessible at the moment.

Do not expect to exploit this flaw anymore

Faced with the resurgence of subscriptions, Sony quickly sniffed out the scam and therefore immediately blocked the possibility of combining subscriptions to the various services. In a post on its blog, the firm explains:

As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, we’re doing some work behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members. As part of this work, we have temporarily disabled subscription stacking for existing customers until after the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service..”

How are players affected?

This blocking significantly reshuffles the cards for those who thought they would use their codes later. Indeed, if your current subscription ends before the arrival of the new formulas and you wish to renew it, or if you decide to subscribe now for the first time, it does not change anything. Your subscription will automatically switch to PlayStation Plus Essential, which retains exactly the same benefits.

On the other hand, those who kept their codes for later will be disappointed. Each code for a PlayStation Plus subscription will be redirected to the Essential plan, or will be significantly reduced in duration if you choose to convert it to a more expensive plan (for a month, this goes to 21 days for the Extra plan and 17 for the Premium plan).

However, those who have already taken the trouble to register their codes for both PS Now and PS Plus services and combine them before the lockout are in good luck. Sony announces that the Premium formula will be applied until the end of the subscription which ends last. So if you still have 6 months of PlayStation Now but 3 years of PlayStation Plus, your Premium subscription will expire in 3 years.

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