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Sony wants to bet a lot more on PC and mobile games



Many PlayStation games are expected to join mobile and PC platforms soon, in line with Sony’s new strategy.

On May 26, PlayStation fans were treated to a flood of surprise announcements related to Sony’s strategy for its video games. We thus learned that series Horizon and god of war were in production, and we also got a glimpse of the firm’s cross-platform strategy. Indeed, still too few PlayStation games are also available on media other than the consoles of the same name… but that should change very quickly.

In effect, sony announcement half of its games by 2025 will already be available on PC and mobile, which represents a huge margin for progress. Currently, only a quarter of Sony games are playable on these platforms, the rest being available only on PS4 and/or PS5. If we break down this objective, we see that 30% of games should be available on PC, and 20% on mobiles (against 15% and 10% respectively today). Jim Ryan explained as follows:

By expanding into PC and mobile, and it has to be said…live services as well, we have an opportunity to move from being in a very narrow segment of the overall gaming software market, to a situation where we are present practically everywhere.

An aggressive strategy for convincing results

The goal is to expand its territory as much as possible and acquire new players, regardless of their preferred platform. For the moment, we do not know what kind of license this decision concerns but it is reminiscent of the recent porting of god of war (2018) on PC, which had been a hit. Generally speaking, PlayStation big AAAs are extremely popular once they release on other platforms, mainly PC. So why deprive yourself of it?

If this represents a major investment, because it takes teams dedicated to developing or sharing games on these media and much more time, this will allow Sony to recover not only players, but also much more potential revenue, and this in the long term.

handsets, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and god of war grossed nearly $300 million to Sony for their PC version. It remains to be seen how this new involvement and this “aggressive” plan of attack (to use the term of the presentation) will be put in place, in a logic of competing with the big Microsoft, already present on all fronts for a longer time.

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