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Spurs awakening



Defeated in their last eleven outings, the San Antonio Spurs returned to victory by dominating the Houston Rockets. The Denver Nuggets, meanwhile, relied on Jamal Murray to snatch a success over the Portland Trail Blazers in extremis.

Spurs fans have been waiting for this since November 12. After conceding defeat in its last eleven games, the Texas franchise found a smile in the derby against the Houston Rockets. In a duel between the two worst teams in the Western Conference, it was the Rockets who got off to the best start, leading by five lengths at the end of the first quarter. A crossover between the two formations which continued throughout the twelve minutes preceding the return to the locker room, with Jalen Green (14 points), who signaled himself at the buzzer with a long distance shot to allow the Houston franchise to take the lead at the break. An ascendancy that Jabari Green’s teammates (23 points) were able to defend on the return to the floor but, gradually, it was the Spurs who took control, passing the ten-point mark first and leading by thirteen lengths to twelve minutes. of the end of the meeting. Led by Keldon Johnson (32 points, 7 rebounds) and Tre Jones (26 points, 5 assists), the San Antonio franchise broke away on the scoreboard to lead by 20 units to just over six. buzzer minutes. An air pocket then allowed the Rockets to return to eight lengths but the damage was done. The Spurs smile again (118-109) and come back up to their victim of the day thanks to this seventh success in 25 games.

Murray saves the Nuggets

The Nuggets are doing very well. After conceding defeat in their last three games, Colorado players knew how to have the resources to snatch victory on the floor of the Portland Trail Blazers. The Oregon players, led by a great night Damian Lillard (40 points, 12 assists), quickly took control of operations, leading by six units after a first quarter they had started timidly. But, unable to make a difference to the score, the Blazers remained vulnerable and the Nuggets were able to find solutions to come back up and go ahead thanks to a 10-0 at the heart of the twelve minutes leading up to half-time. . Not sounded so far, the Portland players have tightened the game to reach half-time with a small point in advance. Back on the floor, Bruce Brown (10 points) allowed the Nuggets to go back to the scoreboard … but it only lasted 24 seconds. From then on, it was the Blazers who raced ahead, reaching the final quarter with a ten-length margin. An advantage which was then very quickly squandered against the fury of the Nuggets. From there, the two teams went blow for blow and it was nine tenths of a second from the buzzer that Jamal Murray (21 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists) swung the game. The Nuggets won by the smallest of margins (120-121) and revived after a weak time.

The Heat are moving forward

What also happened to the Miami Heat when they hosted the Los Angeles Clippers. From the first quarter, the two formations set the tone of the meeting, with the gap which did not reach the bar of ten points despite the goodwill of Nicolas Batum’s teammates (11 points, 5 rebounds). Indeed, the Clippers turned in the lead by eight units after the first twelve minutes. However, after reaching this ten-length lead, the Californians lost their footing and saw their mattress melt like snow in the sun, finding themselves trailing by three lengths just three minutes later. Neither team wanted to let go of the other and the Heat, with only three players on the bench to ensure the rotation, turned in the lead by two small points. Back on the floor, the two teams never stopped playing the game of cat and mouse with the gap which did not go away, leaving all possibilities open for the last quarter. In this little game, it was the Floridians who ended up making the difference in the last eight minutes for a victory of five units (115-110), which put an end to a series of two consecutive defeats. For the Clippers, this setback is a small setback against a diminished opponent.

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