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Square Enix continues to cancel games and it’s Final Fantasy that suffers



Service games are struggling to take off on the side of the Japanese studio, which is forced to close the servers of another of its titles.

After the fall of Babylon’s Fall, here is another game which will have taken only one year before disappearing. This time, the failure is on the side of smartphones. Although the end of a mobile game is less impactful than that of a console and PC game, the strong franchise behind this title makes this defeat a real bitter failure. The battle royale Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will close its doors permanently on January 11, 2023a year and two months after its release on November 17, 2021.

The RPG franchise and online games obviously don’t mix well since Final Fantasy XIV had already suffered this sentence before being reborn from its ashes in the popular version that we know today. Unfortunately, this title won’t get a second chance in an increasingly saturated market with a variety of battle royale dominated by giants like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

A multi-step closure

Before arriving at the end of this fantasy, the title is going to face some changes to reduce the community and the expenses of it. As of today, it is impossible to invest in Shinra credits, the in-game currency intended for micro-transactions. However, the shop remains open for the end of the game’s lifespan so that players in possession of this currency finish spending it. Square Enix will unfortunately not refund players.

The next deadline is scheduled for next November 1. Counting from this day, support for languages ​​other than English will not be maintained, and only English texts will be available until the servers are closed. A way for Square Enix to force non-bilingual players to abandon ship. Next, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will continue to die slowly before finally disappearing on January 13th. A very sad destiny for a game that could no doubt have imposed itself more easily if it had been accompanied by a release on consoles and PC.

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