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Steam Deck is more than 2000 compatible games, but which ones?



Cardboard for Valve’s Steam Deck, which has already reached the bar of 2,000 natively compatible games only a month after its launch.

Valve’s hybrid PC arrived a month ago already, and the results are rather positive.

The parent company of Steam just published a blog post to celebrate this first month, the opportunity for them to show the successes of their new product and talk about its future.

First great victory, the symbolic bar of 2000 compatible games natively on the Steam Deck has already been exceeded.

Indeed, it should be remembered that the Steam Deck has an in-house OS from Valve, based on a Linux architecture. The games therefore require adaptation work to be playable in a stable manner on the machine.

The Steam Deck still remains a PC, it is possible to bypass the OS and make it a versatile machine. Valve also talks about it in its press release, stating that “some people use it as a primary work computer, and others have used it to write programs or create 3D models.

valve aims compatibility as the main objective for his portable machine. The company also reiterates its commitment to extending the Steam Deck to other game libraries outside of Steam, in particular through a collaboration with Microsoft to provide access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming through the Microsoft Edge browser for each owner of the new hybrid machine.

The Steam Deck therefore seems to be achieving its promises and objectives little by little, starting with the possibility of playing your favorite big games everywhere. The list of natively compatible and stable playable games (which you can find here) includes some big hits of the moment like Elden Ring Where Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.

Next goal for Valve, improve the power supply and autonomy of their machine to allow even more mobile gaming sessions for Steam Deck owners.

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