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Steam now supports Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons



If you’re one of the few individuals who want to use their Joy-Cons on Steam, Valve has good news for you.

PC Master Race or not, many players continue to use a controller to enjoy their Steam games, and Gabe Newell’s troops are well aware of this. Valve has spent years honing its system’s compatibility with loads of different controllers, from PlayStation’s DualShock (later DualSense) to Xbox’s to its own proprietary controller.

And starting today, joystick enthusiasts will have the choice of using a new device: Steam is now officially compatible with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. This means that Steam now supports all Switch controllers, following the Switch Pro Controller in 2018 and classic controllers (Nintendo 64, SNES, Mega Drive) last month.

Valve seems to have reconstructed almost all the functionality of the controller. The two individual Joy-Cons can each function as an individual controller. They can also be combined, exactly on the Switch. Note however that it will be imperative to go through a Bluetooth connection, the Joy-Con not being equipped with a standardized USB socket.

More anecdotally, it should also be possible to use them to play Nintendo games on the SteamDeck via the EmuDeck emulation utility… but not sure if that’s very useful, other than to have fun with the irony of the situation.

For now, this feature is only available through the Steam Beta client (SteamBeta). Some users have also explained that the experience was not yet flawless. Some speak in particular of a Bluetooth connection which can be capricious and only detect one of the two Joy-Con.

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