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Steam’s most anticipated game gets pushed back (but that’s a good thing)



The arrival of the Unreal Engine 5 upsets the plans for this highly anticipated project, but this one will only be better for it.

The Day Beforeit is the promise of a new game mixing the gameplay of The Division to a post-apocalyptic universe walking dead. The recipe looks tempting, and this combo will have earned him the place of the most anticipated game on Steam. Indeed, it has been added to the wish list of several million players.

Unveiled in January 2021, the game still had no release date until very recently, when its developer then announced a release scheduled for June 21, 2022.

However, with the arrival on the market of the brand new Unreal Engine 5 allowing more efficient and simpler development, especially in the case of ambitious open world games, the project program has just changed.

The Fntastic studio has just revealed to our colleagues at IGN that their game will not finally arrive next June but on March 1, 2023. a delay of almost 7 months. It’s not nothing, but the developers promise one thing: the wait will be worth it.

In their press release, they explain that they are aware of the expectations of the players and wish to create a game that will live up to them:

© Fntastic

Millions of gamers have added The Day Before to their wishlist, making The Day Before one of the most anticipated games in the world. We are extremely grateful and understand and feel the enormous responsibility that rests with us. So we are proud to announce that The Day Before will make the transition to Unreal Engine 5! This transition to a more powerful, open-world engine will make The Day Before gameplay even more fantastic.

Even before its switch to this new graphics engine, the game already had impressive graphics that you can see in the game trailer:

Will this new survival MMO in a zombie world manage to succeed where Day Z and so many others had stranded at the time? With modern gameplay heavily inspired by The Divisionand a social dimension that seems very advanced, the new project is promising and the wait until March 2023 will be very long…

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