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Stellantis | Carlos Tavares fears a shortage of batteries



Stellantis Group chief Carlos Tavares said last week that the auto industry could face a shortage of batteries for electric vehicles as early as 2025 or 2026.

Mr Tavares made the statement during a conference organized by the FinancialTimes. The leader specified that if this shortage did not materialize, “the West would have a relationship of dependence on Asia” to ensure production.

This production will also put pressure on the extraction of raw materials, which poses geopolitical issues according to him. “We may not like how these materials will be mined over the next few years. »

This supply issue will be a big headache for manufacturers who want to keep electric vehicles affordable to ensure a good buyer base. Mr. Tavares believes that this energy shift will be a “Darwinian period” for the automotive world. “Those who fail to adapt will have big problems,” he warned.

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