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streamer breaks her back after accident at TwitchCon



TwitchCon had its share of accidents this weekend, as a streamer broke her back in two places.

This weekend, we were treated to several important events. While France enjoyed the GP Explorer, organized by Squeezie at the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans, the rest of the world had their eyes fixed on TwitchCon which took place at the convention center in San Diego, a place famous for hosting also San Diego Comic-Con. However, the event did not actually go as planned for some…

On site, a streamer named Adriana Chechik, who turns out to be a former porn star, was seriously injured due to a bad fall. Filmed by the participants in the event, the video is now running on the networks, while the streamer recounts the consequences of this improvised stunt. The video is quite impressive, don’t watch it if you are susceptible to injury or falls.

Two fractures and an operation

We immediately notice that Adriana Chechik actually hurt herself very badly during her fall. She later replies on Twitter that the aftermath is much bigger than it looks. She says: “I broke my back in two places and am having surgery today to put on a metal rod for support. Send your support.”

Turns out the area is actually Lenovo owned and not so unfamiliar with accidents. Indeed, Adriana Chechik is not the only one to have been had and several other participants explain having injured themselves during jumps, however encouraged by the context. We can see that the basin is filled with foam cubes, a structure that you find in many jump parks and even in some gym training places.

In the TwitchCon one, two platforms have been set up for attendees to climb onto and battle with foam weapons. The goal is to knock their opponent into the moss-filled ditch, after which the survivor jumps to join them. This is exactly what happened for Adriana Chechik, who quickly came up against the reality of the situation.

A blatant lack of security

As can be seen in the footage of the event, the ditch was clearly not deep enough, and the foam cubes were actually stacked directly at ground level. The streamer therefore jumped without worrying about her support in an area that was officially not made for it… and she is now paying the consequences.

TwitchCon attendees who were taken in by the Lenovo booth say they feel cheated, and some even claim that Twitch will never have their trust again. After several accidents, one wonders how the area could have remained open for so long. Security issues therefore remain open.

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