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Surprise ! Nintendo unveils mouth-watering new Kirby game



Only a few months after Kirby and the Forgotten World, Nintendo announces a brand new tantalizing game.

Cakes, fruit and cream. That’s all waiting for you in the brand new game Kirby’s Dream Buffet, which was just announced by Nintendo. In a colorful trailer, we learn that this title is a racing game in which Kirby and his friends race against each other on extraordinary circuits. No bitumen or racing car on the horizon, the little creatures challenge each other on circuits made of food.

Frantic races between gluttons

A family game that already awakens our appetite. And it won’t be long before we can find out since Nintendo reveals that Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be available in summer 2022. If we don’t have the exact date, that leaves only a month and a half for the firm to release its title. In the meantime, we were treated to a few seconds of gameplay and some information on the in-game mechanics.

Players will be able to join games up to 4 people in local multiplayer or online. The circuits, in the style of Fall Guys, have many obstacles and several paths allow you to reach the same objective. In any case, you will have to collect as many strawberries as possible, in order to be faster and stronger and achieve victory. You will also be able to have objects that will help you in your quest.

Between now and its release on Nintendo Switch, we should have more information about the game from Nintendo. If you are fans of the Kirby universe, know that you can also discover Kirby and the Forgotten World, an adventure game released earlier this year on the console. You can also consult our test right here.

Discover Kirby and the Forgotten World on Nintendo Switch

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