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Techno Chronicle | Nanotechnology promises eternal youth



Not so long ago, drivers who wanted to keep their vehicle looking neat had to regularly polish their car and apply wax to it.

That’s what I was doing. The exercise was tedious and I had to repeat it a few times a year to manage to maintain the protection of my car. As for the dirt on wheel rims, only certain powerful cleaners could get rid of it.

There is now a completely different way to take care of the appearance of your vehicle. Those who, like me, have discovered professional nano-paint (it is also sometimes called nano-vitrified paint or nano-ceramic paint) are not bored with the habits of the past. If you like to feel like you’re still driving a brand new car, this is an attractive option. Nanoprotection allows the vehicle to retain the color brilliance it had when it rolled out of the dealership yard.

A good preparation before the installation of the product is however essential and an aesthetic correction is in order. This is what will allow you to have a neat appearance as we like it.

When I decided to have this treatment done on my car, I felt like I was giving it an almost eternal youth.

The treatment is durable, hydrophobic and protects against fading. It offers a fresh waxed look after a simple wash and lifts dirt effortlessly. It even resists visits to automatic car washes, that is to say…

Better protected, the vehicle is also less vulnerable to the appearance of rust stains and contaminants.

Since this treatment, done by a certified technician, the maintenance of my car has become child’s play. Dust, road debris, tar, insects, nothing sticks to the body anymore.

The process in brief

Nanotechnology is a liquid that, when applied to a vehicle, gives it a kind of glass shell.

As the name suggests, the process of nanoprotection spreads nanoparticles that line up to give a smooth, hydrophobic effect like the skin of a fish, but extremely small and transparent.

Its benefit also extends to the vehicle windows and wheel rims which, once treated, will also shine like new.

Overall, the surfaces of car paint and glass become so even that dirt can hardly stick to them.

Although the temptation to install the product yourself may be great, be aware that even the smoothest-looking surfaces have imperfections.

An aesthetic technician will be able to make the necessary correction to remove imperfections so that the nano-paint adheres well to the bodywork. It will save you time and money.

In addition, several products are available on the market. It is better to find out about the quality and durability of the one you are thinking of buying.

In the automotive industry, this technology turned out to be a small revelation. Obviously, the good news spread, so that very quickly, we found a panoply of applications for it.

We are talking about cars here, but recreational vehicles are not left out.

Green technology

The method eliminates another major problem for vehicles since they become less sensitive to environmental influences. Nano-ceramics are particularly resistant to UV rays and acid rain, among others, depending on the product chosen.

In fact, every car paint reacts to light and weather. To counter the phenomenon, car manufacturers have always taken as many precautions as possible, in particular by giving each vehicle a second coat of transparent paint.

However, even with all the precautions, time does its work. Inevitably, paint and plastics dull and the color loses its intensity. Hence the waxing and polishing sessions I was telling you about and which, we will agree, never last long enough.

Of course, there is a cost associated with nano-ceramics. The process is not given, but we can consider that the investment will quickly become profitable by now avoiding expensive and aggressive cleaners, as well as regular washing to get rid of water stains and dirt that appear a few hours later. washing. A certified center will be able to advise you on the products to use for this purpose.

Last element not to be scorned, the environment also comes out a winner, considering the saving of water and the avoidance of waste water. We can also certainly speak of a time saving in the maintenance of our cars. Finally, the more we avoid getting rid of our vehicles too soon, the better off the planet will be.

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