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When four big names in video games founded an independent studio in Quebec City for “a colossal first project”, as they announced in an interview last fall, expectations were high.

Yellow Brick Games

We were treated this week to the first images of this game in line with the dragon age and Watchdogs, on which the founders worked. We are dealing here with a fantastic role-playing game, with dreamlike graphics where the medieval mixes with futurism. The Quebec City studio has also pulled off a major coup by teaming up with the American publisher Private Division, whose owner has worked on games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption and with which the Montreal studio Panache had collaborated for its success Ancestors.

Gran Turismo 7


The PS5’s capacity is stretched to the limit in Gran Turismo 7 and gives a remarkable speed of reaction and graphic richness.

You don’t have to be a big fan of “tanks” or racing games to enjoy Gran Turismo 7. Because it’s more of a driving simulation game than a racing one, with intuitive controls, beautiful graphics and an engaging campaign. We start with cars that have nothing to do with Formula 1, our poor credits allowing us the choice between a Mazda Demio, a Honda Fit and a Toyota Aqua. Thereafter, we have the choice between a total of 420 modifiable models, if we garner enough credits and victories. The capacity of the PS5 is used to the full here and gives a remarkable speed of reaction and graphic richness. Only one complaint: virtual opponents without much intelligence.



As of Monday, Amazon Echo owners in Canada have a fourth choice for activating their smart speaker: “Ziggy.”

It’s certainly not an announcement that will turn your life upside down, but it will probably please those whose first name is Alexa, or who did not like to call out their smart speaker with the activation words “Amazon” or ” Echo”. Since Monday, a fourth choice has been added to Canada: “Ziggy”. It is obviously less likely to be pronounced by accident. Asked about the reasons for this choice, a spokesperson for Amazon in Montreal indicated that, no, it was not a tribute to David Bowie. “Amazon tested several wake words among its customers and found this word to be the most popular. We thus take up the slogan “From A to Z” of Amazon, which is also illustrated in the company’s logo.

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