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Watch the trailer for TimeMelterswhich earned its authors to be crowned big winners of the 6and edition of the Ubisoft Indie Series in early May, it’s hard to believe that this video game is the work of a small independent studio made up of three people, Autoexec.


The graphics of this “strategy-adventure” game, in which we personify a woman unjustly accused of witchcraft, are magnificent and the tone inspired. “We can control time, wind it up, duplicate it, explains Vincent Blanchard, president and founder of Autoexec. We are all alone, everything seems lost at the beginning of each mission, but by using cunning, we manage to defeat the enemies. The game is slated for release, first for PC on Steam, next fall.



In early April, iHome announced the shutdown of its cloud services. However, this smart outdoor outlet remains functional thanks to Apple’s HomeKit platform.

We have repeatedly expressed our skepticism about Apple’s home automation platform, HomeKit, which is compatible with very few manufacturers and difficult to configure. Mea culpa. Another server closure from a company specializing in home automation, iHome, the fourth to let us down in a year, convinced us of some of the virtues of HomeKit. iHome devices remain usable remotely and with the voice assistant Siri, thanks to the Apple platform. In the warning published by iHome, it is specified that Alexa and the Google Assistant cannot achieve the same feat. Our iHome smart plug will therefore not join the twenty or so devices from Hive, Insteon and CaSA that are gathering dust.

Explore Longueuil


The app Explore Longueuil has five augmented reality experiences, including this one, which allows you to see a large stone cross called the Norman Calvary.

Crush on the new version of the application Explore Longueuil, launched in early May. This mobile tourist app initially created in 2019 already included 15 circuits, nearly 250 points of interest and 450 anecdotes about the history of the city. Five augmented reality “stations” have been added to it, in rue Saint-Charles. For example, you point your phone in a park, a stretch of street or an innocuous piece of land to see a 17th century windmill appear.and century, a large stone cross called the Norman Calvary, the long-vanished fortified castle of Longueuil or a virtual museum. Similar additions have already been announced for the Saint-Hubert and Greenfield Park circuits.

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