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Are Huawei devices spying on Canadian consumers? The question came back to haunt many this week.


First, we have never definitively discovered a “back door” in these devices, and it is not for lack of having looked for it for more than a decade. But Huawei, like all its competitors, compiles information about its users. What is its capacity to say no to the Chinese government which would like to get its hands on this data? That is the main question. For example, in the United States, the GAFAMs (Google, Apple, Facebook-Meta, Amazon and Microsoft) received 61,500 such requests from the US government in 2020, supported by subpoenas. Companies have complied at rates ranging from 85% to 96%, depending on the New York Times.

Dead by Daylight


The new killer in Dead by DaylightThe Dredge, has the unfair ability to teleport into lockers.

The Quebec game with 50 million players Dead by Daylight had a whole slew of new stuff to announce this week. First, to minimize the wait at the start of the game, players will be offered a choice: be the killer or one of the four survivors, depending on how busy the Behavior servers are. Accepting the proposal will give additional blood points. The Behavior studio has also presented a new chapter, Roots of Dread, offered on June 7th. The killer here, Le Drage, has the ability to teleport into the lockers, the only place the survivors could take a breather. Finally, a new chapter of resident Evilof which we have no details, is on the menu in 2022.



When you submit a question in the Alloprof Support Zone, an algorithm analyzes it and finds the appropriate answer.

Fair return: Alloprof helps students, and students have participated in improving its services by injecting artificial intelligence (AI). Recently, when you submit a question in the Support Zone, an algorithm analyzes it and finds the appropriate answer. A human moderator can then complete it. “The AI ​​makes it possible to shorten the response time in several cases and to already provide explanations so that the young person can move forward more quickly”, specify to The Press site managers. And it works pretty well, our questions about the area of ​​a pyramid and the volume of a cylinder (handy for knowing the number of liters in a swimming pool!) have been answered.

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