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“When the ecosystem is vibrant, everyone benefits. This is how Olivier Delisle, Entrepreneurship Accelerator Director at Ubisoft Montreal, sums up the reason for a brand new 10 million Ubisoft RADAR investment fund.

Ubisoft RADAR

Intended for some 260 independent studios in Quebec, this fund will make it possible to finance between 10% and 30% of productions and will be replenished with a percentage of the income generated, which will be reinvested until 2030. “We will never have shares in the company, no decision-making or intellectual property rights, which can remain in Quebec”, specifies Mr. Delisle. One of the objectives is to stimulate the next generation and “give back everything [qu’Ubisoft] has had the benefit” since its establishment in Montreal in 1997.

Shishi: Timeless Prelude


Shishi: Timeless Prelude Quebec game offered for the Nintendo Switch, is a dungeon exploration game for children that bathes in a sweet Celtic atmosphere, with turn-based battles.

Shishi: Timeless Prelude Quebec game offered for the Nintendo Switch since May 31, it’s four craftsmen, few financial means and “a story of perseverance”. First, because the founder, CEO and game designer of Shishi Studios, Frédéric McNamara, has Duchenne dystrophy, which causes muscle degeneration. “Over time, it becomes more difficult to work or play video games,” he says. Its dungeon crawler game for kids has a sweet Celtic vibe, with turn-based battles where little heroine Elia learns new spells. Mr. McNamara’s ambition: “To change the world by creating games accessible to all. »



Each ad impression generates 1 g of CO2and Montreal-based programmatic advertising firm Sharethrough has decided to offer its clients ways to offset or reduce these emissions at source.

Six in ten consumers don’t know that surfing the internet emits greenhouse gases, but 80% prefer brands that lower their emissions, according to a survey commissioned by Sharethrough. However, each advertising impression generates 1 g of CO2, and the Montreal-based programmatic advertising firm produces 60 billion a day with its clients’ campaigns. One solution: by measuring the GHG emissions associated with campaigns, customers are then offered compensation or source reduction methods. “We have had a great response from brands, we can see that they want to go in this direction”, underlines Benoit Skinazi, head of marketing at Sharethrough.

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