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Since mid-June, Sony has completely remodeled its service offering, abolishing PS Now. It’s all now integrated into PlayStation Plus, offered in three subscriptions that all allow online multiplayer play and cloud storage.

We tried the Premium plan ($139.99 per year), gargantuan with just about every PlayStation exclusive from the last few years like god of war and Returnal, as well as AAAs from studios like Ubisoft and WB Games. You have streaming access to old games all the way back to the PS2, and some newer works, like Cyberpunk 2077are in trial version for 5 hours of play. Very impressive, for the equivalent of the purchase of two large games.

Graphics Cards


The price of graphics cards like Nvidia’s RTX 3080 (our photo) has been falling for a few months, a result of the sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices.

The cryptocurrency rout, particularly bitcoin, which has lost 72% of its value since its peak of $87,107 last November, is making video game enthusiasts happy. Hard to find for three years and often selling for more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, due to demand from cryptocurrency ‘miners’ and global supply issues, graphics cards (GPUs) from Nvidia and AMD returned to the store. There are even discounts on sites like Newegg, something unthinkable a few months ago. And that’s not counting the used graphics cards that miners get rid of: 141 were for sale on Kijiji Montreal at the time of writing these lines.



With bounties ranging from $100,000 to $1 million, Apple is the most generous company for bounty awards to those who find vulnerabilities in its operating systems.

The thing is known, the major manufacturers offer bonuses to computer scientists who find vulnerabilities in their operating systems. What is less so are the sums they agree to pay. The virtual private network manager Atlas VPN has compiled these rate cards. The most generous, by far, is Apple, which pays between $100,000 and $1 million to reward these finds. Atlas VPN had noted last April that the number of vulnerabilities detected at Apple had increased by 467% in 2021, from 67 to 380. In terms of bounties, Huawei comes in second with a maximum of US$233,000, ahead of Samsung offering up to US$200,000.

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