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Launched in 2015 in Canada, Starbucks’ mobile payment app quickly became the most popular, used by 42% of “mobile payers”, reported The Press in 2016.


The application was only offered in Quebec in French on September 13th. Very dense, it is not the prettiest of applications, but you can order and pay for more than 132 coffees and teas, with “170,000 ways to personalize drinks”, and 54 foods in 70 participating Starbucks, identifiable by geolocation . Why seven years of waiting? “Priority has been given to other practical services for our customers, such as delivery and drive-thru,” replies soberly by email Loïc Lebrat, regional director of operations at Starbucks Canada.



The new feature to edit and delete text messages only works well between iPhones updated with the iOS 16 operating system. In the example above, where the recipient has not made their update, both versions of the message continue to appear and the text message cannot be deleted.

A key feature of the new iPhone operating system launched on Monday, iOS 16, is the ability to edit or delete text messages in iMessage, within 15 and 2 minutes respectively. But there are many nuances, we found. Between iPhones on which iOS 16 has been installed, no problem: whoever receives the text messages sees them transform or disappear, with a note indicating that there has been a change. If your recipient doesn’t have iOS 16, they’ll see both texts, the original and the edited, and they won’t erase. Sending on an Android phone is not editable. In short, do not hope that this function will save you from disaster for sure.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage


The scenario of the next Assassin’s Creed, Mirageis enticing, with a return to the sources of the assassin which allowed Ubisoft to sell 200 million copies, with which we find ourselves in the Baghdad of the IXe century.

We will have to wait until 2023, almost three years after the last episode, for the next Assassin’s Creed, Mirage. And contrary to the last works, it is not Quebec or Montreal which is the conductor, but Bordeaux. The scenario is enticing, with a return to the roots of the assassin who allowed Ubisoft to sell 200 million copies, with which we find ourselves in the Baghdad of the IXe century. Ubisoft has not given up on the classic episodes to replace them, as some have feared, with “persistent universes”: Ubisoft Quebec is thus preparing an opus set in feudal Japan and Montreal will take over, with a game whose working name is “Codename HEXE”.

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