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After attracting hundreds of millions of players on mobile devices since 2012 then Apple Arcade, SongPop pays for a passage to its natural platform, the Nintendo Switch.

SongPop Party

In childish and super colorful graphics, up to eight players online or in local mode must quickly guess the title of the song that has just started. The concept of SongPop Party is super simple and rather catchy, with some 200,000 songs classified by era and genre that can be unlocked gradually. “The Nintendo Switch was the ideal platform for its inclusive and family environment,” said Olivier Michon, technical director at FreshPlanet. This New York studio is owned by Gameloft, which has a large Montreal branch with half a thousand employees.

Galaxy Z Flip4


Folded, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is a small square of 8 cm side displaying notifications, calls, time or weather, which slips easily into a pocket.

If we can wonder about the usefulness of a very expensive foldable phone like the Fold4 which turns into a mini tablet, its little brother produced by Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip4, leaves less room for doubt. Unfolded, this ingenious device is a high-end phone, with a 6.7 “AMOLED screen, offering a refresh rate of 120 Hz, with two 12 MP rear cameras, whose processing power exceeds even that of the Fold4 according to our tests. Folded, it is a small square of 8 cm side displaying notifications, calls, time or weather. It slips easily into a pocket, without fear of scratching the screen. Above all, the base model costs $1259.99, $1010 less than its big brother. Our rating: 9 out of 10.

The Last of Us


The main characters of the television series inspired by the game The Last of UsJoël and Ellie, are played by two well-known actors in Game Of ThronesPedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont).

The millions of nostalgic The Last of Us have been able to get their teeth into something new this week: HBO released a new trailer for the 10-episode series which will probably be released around the middle of 2023. Bell has confirmed to the MobileSyrup site that it will be released in Canada on Crave. The main characters, Joël and Ellie, are played by two remarkable actors in Game Of Thrones, Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont). The promised series seems very faithful to the game, to the point where certain dialogues have been taken from this moving story of a seasoned survivor protecting an immune teenager in a post-pandemic world teeming with infected.

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