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By autumn 2024, most electronic devices sold in Europe will have to be compatible with the USB-C port, MEPs confirmed earlier this week by an overwhelming 97% majority.

Apple and USB-C

Apple, which dominates the European market with 34% of the shares according to StatCounter, is obviously the first targeted by this initiative which would force it to abandon its Lightning port. Which wouldn’t be a disaster, even if Apple has fiercely opposed this European initiative since 2018.

Bloomberg has indeed revealed that Apple is working on an adapter, as well as iPhones and iPads with a USB-C port which would be released around the fall of 2023. Four iPad models and all Apple computers have migrated to the USB port -C for several years.

Confusing endings


tenetby Christopher Nolan, a work of science fiction where time is manipulated in totally unusual ways, won the prize for the most confusing endings according to a compilation of Google searches.

An online gambling site, Top10 Casinos, had a rather amusing idea: to compile the Google searches of moviegoers confused by the end of a film, for example with the terms “End (of such film) explained”.

The big winner, with 478,170 searches: tenet, by Christopher Nolan, a work of science fiction where time is manipulated in a totally unusual way. In the second row, we find another film which made many cinephiles perplexed, Shutter Islandby Martin Scorsese, with 319,200 searches.

Note the presence at 19e rank of Quebec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, with Arrival (First contact), where an extraterrestrial language allows – still – temporal incursions.

Haven Studios Grand Opening


The first PlayStation studio in Canada, Haven Studios, led by Jade Raymond and co-founded with Google Stadia alumni, was inaugurated on Thursday.

It’s official, the first PlayStation studio in Canada was inaugurated Thursday in Montreal: it’s Haven Studios, directed by Jade Raymond and co-founded with former Google Stadia.

“Benevolence creates the path for creativity and success,” she said straight away in French. About 100 employees have been hired since the project was announced in March 2021, and a third are assigned to machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

No launch date has been revealed for this “new multiplayer intellectual property that will build a systemic and evolving world”. An internship program and a scholarship with the School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design have been set up.

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