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The famous game StarCitizenannounced in 2012, still in the alpha phase and which this week crossed the threshold of 500 million US in crowdfunding, has a large Montreal antenna.


A hundred employees of the Turbulent agency have devoted themselves for two years to the only playable planetary system, out of the hundred promised. “The game has matured a lot: cities, play areas, crashed ships offering new missions have been added,” says Marc Beaudet, president of Turbulent. Innovation goes far beyond funding, he believes. We play the game with the players who get involved, there were up to 45,000 some days. This is the first time a game has been made in such a transparent way. »

No more 3G in the United States


Canadians who take a trip south of the border with an old phone that does not support the 4G/LTE network – like this Nokia Lumia 630 from 2014 – will be in for a nasty surprise: they will no longer be able to connect to the networks. Americans.

The main telecommunications providers in the United States are shutting down their 3G/HSPA networks, the latest being Verizon, which will disconnect it on December 31 to make room for 5G. Canadians who go for a ride south of the border with an old phone that does not support 4G/LTE will have a bad surprise: they will no longer be able to connect to American networks. Even newer devices might struggle with voice calls if they are not compatible with another standard, VoLTE. Canadian carriers are not expected to phase out 3G until 2025.


Is it a mere coincidence? The three countries where telecommunications are the most expensive are also those where the iPhone 14 is the least expensive. According to a study by the Montreal firm HelloSafe, the median price of an iPhone 14 with 256 GB in 2022 in Canada was $1,249, in Canadian dollars and taxes not included. Only the United States ($1183) and Japan ($1236) offer better prices. At the other end of the spectrum, it is in Turkey ($2423) and Brazil ($2192) that you have to spend the most. The HelloSafe study also establishes that the median price of the iPhone – between the cheapest and most expensive model – has tripled in Canada in 15 years, going from $590 to $1,669.

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