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Ted Lasso invites himself into FIFA 23 in this wacky trailer



EA has great news for fans of AFC Richmond and the Ted Lasso series on Apple TV+.

When football fans meet, it is almost always a special moment. As its release date is fast approaching, FIFA 23 gives news and we must say that we greatly appreciate them. In an unexpected trailer, EA reveals its upcoming collaboration with a star of the small screen, we named Ted Lasso. The main character of a series broadcast on Apple TV+, the fictional trainer will make his debut in the iconic franchise that is Fifa…even though this is the latest iteration of the game.

The fans of the series are not without knowing the names of Jamie Tartt, Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya, Roy Kent or even Isaac McAdoo and Coach Beard. All of these characters will now be playable in FIFA 23, as well as the great Ted Lasso who can become a playable manager in career mode. Ted Lasso’s interpreter Jason Sudeikis said in a statement:

I’m really lucky, and I’m deeply grateful to have had some very special moments in my career so far, and I consider this experience to be the best of them. As a longtime EA Sports FIFA fan, bringing Ted Lasso and the entire AFC Richmond team into the new version of the game is a real dream come true for me and the rest of the guys..”

Note that you can also proudly wear the colors of the AFC Richmond team in career mode or as a replacement for a Premier League team. All this will of course be available as soon as the game is released on consoles and PC. next September 30.

Change for the future?

This unprecedented collaboration is reminiscent of Fifa will soon be nothing more than an excellent memory, the franchise taking the name of EA Sports FC from next year. In question, financial conflicts between the association of FIFA and Electronic Arts, but also the desire of the studio to represent more faithfully the universe of the game through its name.

Because yes, it’s been a long time since the video game is no longer confined to the only official universe of FIFA, and represents football in all its possible forms. This partnership with a work of fiction is therefore the prelude to what awaits us in the future with EA Sports FCa joyful reunion of the entire football universe in a single game.

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