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Test bench | BMW i4 competition



The BMW i4 is in a niche niche. The competition is very slim. The Polestar 2 and the Tesla Model 3 are rivals.

Polestar 2

Price: from $53,950

Like the i4, this Sino-Swedish sedan is based on a modular architecture (code name CMA) able to move using thermal or electric mechanics. That said, the entry-level model (one engine and front-wheel drive) of the 2 represents arguably Polestar’s most compelling offering against BMW’s i4 eDrive40. Its autonomy is slightly lower (434 km), of course, but the 2, without being as temperamental as the BMW, is more agile in urban areas, better able to face the cold season.

Tesla Model 3

Price: from $62,000


Tesla Model 3

Despite undeniable qualities, the i4 does not unbolt the Model 3 from its pedestal. The American sedan may not have the dynamism of a BMW or its sophistication (presentation and assembly), but it trumps virtually every other chart. It offers better autonomy, it is faster and it relies on an established and efficient charging network. In addition, its passenger compartment and trunk are more generous and there are more storage spaces.

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