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Test bench | Competition from the Acura Integra



The competition sometimes comes from his own side. The Acura Integra faces the Honda Civic Si. The Subaru WRX and the Volkswagen GTi are also fierce adversaries.

Honda Civic Si

Price: from $33,150

If nothing but driving pleasure is on your mind, the Civic Si is a more affordable choice than the manual-transmission Integra Elite A-Spec. For some $10,000 less, you get a vehicle that’s just as capable and fun to drive. Are you looking for more amenities, more sophisticated materials (interior trim), more functionality (hatchback bodywork), a hint of additional comfort and a more generous warranty? The manual-transmission Integra A-Spec offers it all, but at a price that’s hard to justify.

Subaru WRX

Price: from $30,995


Subaru WRX

We hesitated a long time before including the WRX among the rivals of the Integra. The WRX has a considerable advantage in terms of traction (four-wheel drive), which makes it a vehicle that provides pleasure regardless of the season. Also, the WRX is more powerful and sold at very competitive prices. Here the comparison ends. The Impreza’s manual transmission is far from being as pleasant and the engine, although more aggressive, does not have the flexibility, the roundness of that of the Acura. The latter, on the other hand, is less comfortable and noisier than the Subaru.

Volkswagen GTi

Price: from $31,495


Volkswagen GTi

The air of nothing, the GTi is probably the most direct rival of the Integra. Both offer serious construction, a rewarding cabin (the Integra’s is more ergonomic, however), a versatile body and solid sporting attributes. Overall, the German appears the more homogeneous of the two, regardless of the transmission responsible for relaying power and torque to the front-wheel drive. The manual isn’t as silky smooth as the Acura’s, but the automatic is nicer.

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