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Test bench | Competition from the Audi e-tron GT



The racy electric begins to develop. The Audi e-tron GT faces the Mercedes EQS and the well-established Tesla Model S.

Mercedes EQS

More expensive, it is true, the Mercedes EQS is still on the radar of potential buyers of the e-tron GT. Equipped with a larger battery, the Mercedes claims a much greater autonomy. Like the Audi, the EQS requires the use of the brake pedal to immobilize or slow it down. The finish of the EQS is just as exemplary as that of the Audi and the general presentation, more avant-garde or more futuristic, it depends. In addition, the Mercedes offers better interior space and a more functional body (5 doors).

Price: from $146,500

Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S

Since its launch, the Tesla Model S has continued to impress and evolve. Faced with Audi’s proposal, the American offers better electric range, greater energy efficiency and a proven and extensive network of “superchargers”. However, the Model S does not only have qualities. Even if it is the subject of a continuous evolution since its release in 2012, it sins by its very light finish. Among the other complaints made by our readers, let us highlight the fragility of the trim, the low resistance of the paint and the frequent malfunction of certain equipment (seat belts, cruise control).

Price: from $135,000

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