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Test bench | Competition from the BMW iX xDrive50



Prestigious brands are also making the leap into electric. Audi, with the e-Tron, and Jaguar, with the I-Pace, are competitors of the BMW iX xDrive50.

Audi e-tron

Price: from $86,900

Beyond its name, which encourages many to hold their noses, this Audi has difficulty concealing its age today. Despite the updates it has received, the e-tron remains technically behind its Bavarian neighbor in virtually all areas of comparison. Less engaging to drive than the BMW, also less efficient (acceleration and autonomy), the e-tron nevertheless manages to be on par in terms of habitability and user-friendliness (intuitive controls).

Jaguar I Pace

Price: from $99,800


Jaguar I Pace

Undoubtedly the most attractive, the I-Pace is also the most dynamic of this group. Even if, like all the others, it weighs more than two tonnes, this Jaguar shows astonishing agility. Both more fun and less intimidating to drive than the iX, the I-Pace offers a shorter range and a more cramped interior. To these complaints, let’s add less padded comfort and a more complex and slower infotainment system.

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