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Test bench | Competition from the Honda Ridgeline



New entrants have revived sales of the Honda Ridgeline. The Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick sit comfortably.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Price: from $38,499


Hyundai Santa Cruz

Potential Ridgeline buyers will be sure to consider the Santa Cruz before making their decision. Less expensive to acquire, but also better equipped, the Santa Cruz is aimed, more than the Ridgeline, at customers looking for a leisure-oriented vehicle, even if its towing capacity is just as high (2,268 kg) as that of the Honda. More sophisticated, more rewarding, the interior of the Santa Cruz overshadows that of the Ridgeline. On the road, the Santa Cruz proves to be just as pleasant as Honda’s offer, but its supercharged engine hardly consumes less and its gearbox, although faster, requires more regular maintenance.

Ford Maverick

Price: from $25,900


Ford Maverick

In its gasoline configuration (the hybrid version suffers from a supply problem), the Maverick arises as one of the main rivals of the Ridgeline. The latter will suffer from the start of the comparison with its American competitor in terms of price and reputation (Ford has invaluable expertise in the field of the pickup truck). The absence of a hybrid engine will also appear more glaring in the Japanese catalog since the Maverick offers one, and this, on its entry-level versions. Ford’s proposal isn’t quite as spacious inside, but just as clever with the options game. Alas, the Maverick’s towing capacity is significantly lower.

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