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Test bench | Competition from the Hyundai Kona N



The Hyundai Kona N takes on the Mini Countryman JCW and the Mercedes GLA 35 AMG in its slot. Let’s take a look at the features.

Mini Countryman JCW

Price: from $51,190

A handful of additional horsepower, increased standard equipment (there are few options) and additional two-wheel drive make the Mini Countryman JCW the Kona N’s rival par excellence. As long as you pay the price. Just over $10,000 difference between these two models that the Mini manages to smooth out with a higher residual value. If we disregard this aspect, the Countryman JCW is more mischievous, more lively to drive, but it also bullies its occupants more. And hardly more practical (habitability and trunk volume) than the Kona N. On the other hand, the presentation is more original, more polished than that of South Korea.

Mercedes GLA 35 AMG

Price: from $53,900


Mercedes GLA 35 AMG

Even more expensive, the GLA 35 AMG also has all-wheel drive and produces more power than the Kona N. With 302 hp under its right foot, the GLA takes a few tenths of a second less to reach 100 km/h following a stopped start. Firmly suspended, the Mercedes still provides more comfort than the Hyundai and a more precise road feel. Its interior is also more rewarding. Like Hyundai, Mercedes charges (at full price) all exterior colors except white and black. The German brand, however, requires a surcharge for several active safety devices which only increases the price difference and then makes any comparison futile.

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