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Test bench | Competition from the Nissan Z



The Nissan Z is getting old. Faced with the Ford Mustang, the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota Supra, it must use all its attractions to seduce customers.


Price: from $32,295 (2022)

The body of the Z is barely dry that Ford is already titillating sports enthusiasts with its future Mustang. This one, promised for next summer, could potentially confuse some future Z owners. Like the latter, the Mustang brings up to date certain style elements from the past (the top of the grille, for example). And just like the Nissan, this Ford brings together and invites connoisseurs and neophytes to share their impressions, compare their appreciations and exchange memories. Today, cars that can say the same are rare.

Subaru BRZ

Price: from $32,708


Subaru BRZ

No, the Subaru BRZ (this also applies to its cousin the Toyota GR86) does not box in the same category. However, if you have nostalgia for the first Z (the 240Z), the BRZ will not fail to seduce you with its more compact dimensions, its balance and its price. And the performance? Nothing to do with the Z, but the fun here lies elsewhere. Starting with a smart steering, a well staged manual transmission and a suspension (firm) correctly calibrated to swallow the turns. As a bonus, it costs less to buy and at the pump.

Toyota Supra

Price: from $57,170


Toyota Supra

The question is debated: Z or Supra? Provided it resists the lures of the most expensive versions, the Z represents a more rational and more authentic purchase (the Supra hardly hides its affiliation with the BMW Z4). And even more so if, to save a few thousand dollars, your choice stopped on the Supra driven by the four-cylinder engine. More expensive, the Toyota however offers a more refined road feel, greater ease in tight curves and more robust pure performance (acceleration and pick-up).

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