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Test bench | Genesis GV60 competition



Luxury electric or hybrid SUVs are increasingly attractive. The Genesis GV60 is not alone, the Audi Q4 e-tron, Lexus RZ 450 e and Volvo C40 Recharge are also present.

Audi Q4 e-tron

Price: from $59,550

As with the GV60, several components of the Q4 e-tron come from a generalist manufacturer. Indeed, the utility with intertwined rings has a lot in common with Volkswagen’s ID.4. The plastic is different (Audi even offers a more slender Sportback version), the all-wheel drive is standard and the prices are more attractive. In appearance at least, since the Audi imposes a premium on many accessories that are part of the standard features of the GV60. However, the latter is not eligible for any subsidies, unlike the Q4 e-tron.

Lexus RZ 450e

Price: from $60,000 (estimate)


Lexus RZ450 e

Apparently, Genesis’ approach is no different from that which Lexus intends to adopt for its future RZ 450 e. The latter, closely derived from the Toyota bZ4X, dons a more chic suit, a more powerful powertrain, more sophisticated all-wheel drive and steering devoid of mechanical linkages. Will the driving experience be the same? Let’s not assume anything, but one thing is certain, the range will be slightly less (362 km compared to 367 km for the all-wheel drive bZ4X).

Volvo C40 Refill

Price: from $72,000


Volvo C40 Refill

Unlike its “one-day rivals”, Volvo’s C40 Recharge is the only vehicle with a hybrid architecture. That is to say a platform able to accommodate both electric and thermal thrusters. This represents a real effort by the manufacturer to adapt and Volvo has successfully taken it up. The C40 Recharge does not fear comparison with the GV60 in terms of pure performance, but must bow in terms of perceived quality, autonomy and standard features.

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