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Test bench | Honda HR-V: the competition



Launched in the middle of summer, the second generation of the Honda HR-V is still measured against the same rivals who are gaining ground on the first in class.

Mitsubishi RVR

From $23,828

Price isn’t the RVR’s only draw against the HR-V. We must also take into account its more generous warranty (5 years base and 10 years on the powertrain). Two elements that will make some consumers forget the sadness of its interior or the dilapidated state of its engine/box assembly, which does not save fuel either. So less sophisticated, less funny fun fun » (dixit Marc Labrèche) to drive, the Mitsubishi does not have the aura of a Honda at the time of resale. On the other hand, it turns out to be just as reliable.

Subaru Crosstrek


The Subaru Crosstrek

From $24,995

The current generation is coming to an end, but is not flagellating on its (old) bones. In fact, the Crosstrek remains one of the safe bets in this category and for the time being one of the few to offer a manual gearbox. Unlike the HR-V, not only is the all-wheel drive of the Crosstrek offered as standard, but it also has the particularity of being constant-mesh (read constantly active). Despite this characteristic, this Subaru consumes slightly less fuel than the HR-V and is, moreover, more capable on roads that do not bear their name very well. Why ? Due to higher ground clearance and more relaxed suspension.

volkswagen taos


The Volkswagen Taos

From $26,695

Less expensive to acquire than the HR-V, more economical at the pump, more spacious and offering a richer warranty, the Taos has no shortage of assets to win. On the other hand, its greater technical sophistication (supercharged engine and dual-clutch automatic transmission on the four-wheel drive versions) makes the Taos a vehicle requiring more follow-up maintenance. And ultimately more expensive to repair (out of warranty). Not as smart as the HR-V in terms of interior design, the Taos also suffers from a presentation where the quality of the plastics appears more uneven.

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