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Test bench | Porsche Macan competition



When you have the Acura RDX, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and BMW X3 as rivals, it’s not nothing. Let’s see their peculiarities.

Acura RDX

Price: from $49,406

Not as dynamic as the Macan, but more spacious, better equipped and financially more accessible, the RDX deserves consideration. Especially in its A-Spec version. More functional than the Macan, the RDX is however not as refined, not as fast, or as homogeneous. In addition, the RDX still retains a nervous touch keyboard on which it is difficult to navigate on the central screen.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Price: from $59,190


The Alfa Romeo Stelvio shows incredible agility and a strong temperament.

Of all the competitors of the Macan T, the Stelvio is undoubtedly the most temperamental of the group. The Stelvio demonstrates incredible agility and a strong temperament thanks to even faster steering than the Porsche. Its four-cylinder engine also appears faster than that of the Macan and we only regret the presence of a conventional automatic transmission which chops its reports more dryly. It will also be criticized for the lack of comfort of its suspensory elements and its still too low residual value.


Price: from $55,200


The BMW X3 is not as homogeneous as its rival, the Macan.

Less powerful, but almost as fast, the X3 is not as dynamically homogeneous as its rival from Stuttgart. For more emotion, the consumer must turn to the versions driven by the six-cylinder engine, more expensive and more energy-consuming. Without being as rigid as that of the Stelvio, the suspension is still drier than that of the Macan. The BMW engine offers a smoothness superior to that of the Macan.

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