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Test bench | Toyota bZ4X competition



Hyundai’s Ioniq 5, Nissan’s Ariya and Volkswagen’s ID.4 can be compared to the Toyota bZ4X. Here are the specifics…

ioniq 5

Price: from $44,525

As soon as it was released, the Ioniq 5 hit very hard. Its remarkable autonomy, its recharging speed, its comfort, its towing capacity, its unobstructed passenger compartment and full of tricks make it one of the headliners of the segment. But the Ioniq 5 does not only have qualities. Faced with the bZ4X, the rear window of the Ioniq 5 suffers from the notorious absence of a windscreen wiper which reduces visibility to nothing in bad weather. Its conduct also appears more boned than that of the Toyota. In addition, because of its rear-wheel-drive architecture, the Ioniq 5 encourages consumers to opt for the more expensive all-wheel drive.

Nissan Ariya

Price: not disclosed


Nissan’s Ariya

How many missed appointments by the Ariya! We were expecting it last fall, then this spring, now its release seems scheduled when the leaves come off the trees. The question remains: is the wait worth it? On paper, the Ariya promises greater autonomy than that of the bZ4X, provided the buyer retains the services of the 87 kWh battery. The entry-level versions will, for their part, be entitled to a 63 kWh battery which, according to the first estimates communicated by the manufacturer, display a lower autonomy. The price too?

Volkswagen ID.4

Price: from $44,995


The Volkswagen ID.4

Its interior is perhaps not as rewarding as that of the bZ4X nor as quiet. In addition, its rear-wheel-drive architecture may pose a problem for motorists who wish to drive, regardless of road conditions. For those, Volkswagen offers all-wheel drive, but there’s a price to pay. On the other hand, the ID.4 has significant advantages: it offers better performance, recharges more quickly and reserves more space for its occupants and their luggage. As a bonus, it benefits from a more generous basic warranty and is capable of towing a load.

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