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Test bench | Toyota Tundra Hybrid: the competition



The Toyota Tundra Hybrid is in a niche niche. The competition is very slim. The Ford F-150 and the RAM 1500 are its rare rivals.

Ford F-150

Price: from $39,115

The F-150 needs no introduction. It hasn’t always been the best in its category, but it is certainly the most broadcast. Against all odds, it was the first to offer a hybrid engine worthy of the name. This version tows a heavier load (12,700 lb) even than the Tundra Hybrid (12,000 lb), consumes less and above all is more ingenious with a host of practical accessories for those for whom this pickup is a work companion. Slightly more comfortable and agile than the Tundra, the F-150 oversees a very complete range.

Ram 1500

Price: from $45,945


The Ram 1500

The RAM 1500 was the first van to offer hybrid technology on board with the eTorque device. This one is considered a mild hybridization (mild hybrid) insofar as it consists in particular of a generator motor, a 48-volt battery (with a capacity of 0.43 kWh). On the other hand, the motor management is much more sophisticated and intervenes in several driving phases to minimize consumption. And it works rather well since with an equivalent displacement, the RAM equipped with the V6 consumes less than the Tundra Hybrid, but fails to tow the same load. The V8 compares better and consumes only slightly more than the Toyota. Beyond consumption, the RAM currently remains the most comfortable in the category and probably the most homogeneous too.

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