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Test bench | Volvo C40 competition



The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, Genesis GV60 and Tesla Model Y are fierce rivals to the Volvo C40. Let’s take a closer look.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

Price: from $85,995

Comparing it to the Mustang Mach-E GT, the price of Volvo’s C40 suddenly becomes almost reasonable. The difference is substantial, but the Mach-E GT makes sure to justify it in terms of performance, range, quietness, but also in terms of driving dynamics. For less than $100,000, electric vehicles offering such driving pleasure are (very) rare. Despite all these accolades and the fact that the Ford is ahead of the Volvo in all these areas, the question remains: does all this justify such a high price?

Genesis GV60

Price: from $71,000 (shipping included)


Genesis GV60

Just like the C40, the autonomy of the GV60 seems rather disappointing. The entry-level version (Advanced) claims to travel 399 km on a full charge against 378 km for the Performance version. The latter compares very favorably to Volvo’s C40. In fact, it outclasses it in many areas: power, efficiency, dynamism, interior volume. In addition, the GV60 benefits from certain advances intended to spice up its driving (Boost and Drift mode). On the other hand, Genesis demands $79,000 in return (freight and preparation costs included), which is significantly more than Volvo’s proposal. The GV60 Advanced ($71,000) dominates the C40 less outrageously, but still remains a cut above.

Tesla Model Y

Price: from $83,990


Tesla Model Y

Like the Mustang Mach-E, the Model Y eclipses the C40 in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. And even more than the Ford, the Tesla is more welcoming, more versatile, more soothing (autonomy and charging network) and faster than the Volvo. Although the Mach-E’s chassis is more finely tuned than the Model Y’s, the latter is still superior to that of the C40. On the other hand, the Model Y struggles to compare with its Sino-Swedish competitor in terms of quality of execution (finish and paint).

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