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Tested: EZQuest X40030 | Arrive safely



EZQuest’s X40030 adapter isn’t the most affordable, but it does a very satisfying job, boosting your USB-C port eight times for all the hookups you need.

WE love

After the disappointment of the ZMUIPNG adapter last month, which inherited a mediocre 2 out of 5, here is the promised review of a much better product, the X40030 from EZQuest.

We ask a lot of them, from these small devices that we plug here into a USB-C port to, among other things, broadcast the image and sound on a monitor, add USB-A ports for peripherals and connect cards SD. The X40030 does all that, with its eight ports, and it does it well, with one exception that we’ll get to.

First, you can connect the power supply to this adapter, up to 100 watts, which will then feed the computer and a second small device that you will plug into one of its three USB-A ports, the one that is labeled BC 1.2.

The other two USB-A ports are 3.0 standard and allow you to connect a mouse, keyboard, USB keys or external disks. There are also two slots for SD and microSD memory cards.

There is also a Gigabit Ethernet port, on which you can get high-speed internet without going through WiFi. The interest of such a connection is not staggering if your WiFi is satisfactory, and did not improve the transfer speed in our case. On the other hand, it should be noted that the latency (the “ping”) went from 19 to 13 ms, which gives the impression that the computer connected in this way reacts much faster on the web.

During our seven weeks of testing, all of the capabilities and hookups we just mentioned worked flawlessly. No device disconnecting, no capricious charging, absolutely no bad surprises.

Finally, the X40030 has an HDMI output capable of streaming up to 4K with 30Hz frequency to a monitor. That’s exactly what we got when we hooked the computer up to our LG 4K TV, with a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 at 30Hz. We also got the maximum resolution an average Dell monitor was capable of range, i.e. 2560 pixels out of 1440 at 60 Hz. We couldn’t ask for better so far.

We love less

On a Huawei MateView GT monitor I tried recently, we got a maximum of 2580 pixels out of 1080 @ 60Hz. Which isn’t bad, but this monitor can go up to 3440 pixels out of 1440 @ 100Hz, which that we never managed to get with this HDMI adapter.

The EZQuest patient technician suspected a software incompatibility with this very recent Huawei monitor, which he ordered in order to pinpoint the problem. A month later, still no verdict.

Which allowed us to confirm a recent discovery: by plugging our Huawei monitor directly into the second USB-C port of our MacBook Air, we finally obtained its maximum resolution, which exceeds what the EZQuest adapter can technically provide. In short, it is necessary to favor the direct USB-C connection when possible.

One buys ?

If not for the irritating little detail of our Huawei monitor not receiving its full resolution, a problem that we assure is exceptional and that we got around with a direct connection to USB-C, this adapter from EZQuest is a perfect work mate. No bugs in two months of daily use, a demonstrably durable design and a relatively reasonable price: a worthy buy.

X40030 8-Port USB-C Adapter

  • Manufacturer : EZQuest
  • Price: $88.90 (available on, US$59 on
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

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