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Tetris finds its “grand master” and he is French



For the first time in history, the grand master of Tetris is a Frenchman and it is at the Speedons that he reveals himself.

If you think you are strong on Tetris, wait to see how Qlex performs. Behind his stage name, hides a player absolutely fan of the arcade game who has just been crowned grand master. It is during the event called SpeedDons that the player achieves his feat. The video below testifies to the incredible patience but also to the perfect mastery of the game that must be achieved to acquire this prestigious title.

It turns out that Qlex is the first Frenchman in history to be crowned Grand Master, and the second European if you count Russia. Only 20 players have had the privilege of receiving this honor which requires thousands of hours of work. Apart from the speedrun, which wants you to finish a game as quickly as possible, Qlex had to go through a series of steps before validating his performance and having the chance to participate in the handover test.

One of the most complicated challenges takes place at the very end of the game, when scrolling through the credits. Behind the name of all the developers, the bricks of Tetris continue to scroll, the player must therefore continue to stack them… but blindly! On Twitter, the grand master says he is relieved to have finally accomplished one of his dreams:

I got there, finally, after 13 years, in front of the stage of a great charity marathon.

What is SpeedDons?

If the Z Event is one of the most famous video game events in France, the SpeeDons is starting to make a name for itself. Organized by Mister MV from March 9 to 12, it is a charity marathon inspired by the famous Awesome Games Done Quick in the United States. It highlights the discipline of speedrunning via a livestream during which spectators can make donations. The entire amount is donated to the Doctors Without Borders association, and the goal this year was to reach one million euros in donation.

During these 4 days, the players chained themselves and tried in turn to break world records, which happens every year as the level is high. In 2023, it is on the stage of the Palais des Congrès in Paris that gamers have distinguished themselves on various and varied titles, such as Zelda, sonic or the famous Tetris. The objective was met, €1,252,637 was collected for the benefit of the association.

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