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Thanks to Microsoft, you can play Fortnite for free even on iOS



Microsoft adds Fortnite to the list of games compatible with its cloud gaming service, even on iOS.

Fortnite takes an important step today. Epic Games’ battle royale has just been added to a cloud gaming service and is therefore now available for free on many platforms, both Android and iOS devices. This is possible thanks to Microsoft, which integrates the game with its Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

If in fact it is a paid service (included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription), the firm makes an exception for this game which is originally free-to-play. In a press release, Microsoft explains:

Adding a free to play title to our cloud gaming catalog is an important step for us. Fortnite is just the beginning. […] At Xbox, we want to make gaming accessible to the world’s 3 billion gamers, and the cloud has an important role to play in that mission. We just want you to have a choice, both of the titles you play, but also about how you play it.”

The great return of Fortnite on iOS

As soon as the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games ended, experts knew that Fortnite sooner or later would make its way to Apple devices via cloud gaming. They thought, however, that it might be done through Stadia or another competing platform. It was finally Microsoft who played its Xbox Cloud Gaming card and which now serves a large part of players.

It is also Epic Games that is a big winner from this arrangement, since the firm can therefore continue to collect its commission on in-game purchases on iOS, a real gold mine for the studio, which it had to do without during so long. This does not mean that the fight is over, however, there is still a decision to be made on the appeal requests from Epic Games and Apple for a return in good and due form. In the meantime, you can also find the complete list of games available with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

As a reminder, Xbox Cloud Gaming is (normally) only available via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which therefore allows you to access the entire library of games offered by Microsoft as part of this subscription at € 12.99 per month. A wide variety of games are available on the cloud, which you can experience on PC, consoles, or even mobile devices. In addition, many are compatible with touch controls, to play on the go.

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