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That’s it and IGA | Prices that sometimes differ



Consumers who are used to consulting the IGA flyer and then shopping online on the Voilà site, managed by the same company, can sometimes be surprised. Current promotions do not always apply to items purchased on the new platform.

In the flyer for the week of January 12 to 18, the 650 g Activia yogurt container was offered at $2.46. It cost almost $2 more for the customer who purchased it on the Voilà par IGA site. The same product was instead offered at $4.49. Same thing with Compliments brand large white eggs. In flyers, they were on promotion at $2.44, while they cost $3.89 on Voilà.

Rebelote the following week. In the flyer dated January 19 to 25, the 227 g container of Philadelphia cream cheese is displayed at $3.47 while it is found at $6.29 on Voilà. Note, however, that some discounts apply to both locations.

Voilà par IGA is a service offered since last March. Online orders placed by consumers in more than a hundred municipalities from Gatineau and Montreal, via Quebec City, are now prepared in an automated center located in Pointe-Claire. Hundreds of robots are busy there almost day and night, at a speed of four meters per second.

But how can we explain that customers who go to the store and those who shop on Voilà are not always entitled to the same discounts, when the two entities are managed by Sobeys?

“There you go, it’s like a brand apart. [Mais] in general, these are practically the same promotions,” emphasizes Anne-Hélène Lavoie, spokesperson for IGA.

However, she points out that the Voilà par IGA warehouse, from which the online orders made on the site of the same name start, does not necessarily carry all the same products as those offered in the store and that the marketing is different.

However, the center where the orders are mounted has some 21,000 products, a number comparable to what is found in a supermarket.

Customers who buy online on Voilà are also entitled to discounts and promotions, assures Mme The way. “When you become a subscriber [du service], you receive an electronic flyer from Voilà. There are also promotions and personalized offers. There are so many promotions. It’s as interesting on Voilà as it is in store,” she says.

Are these rules of the game clear for consumers who draw up their grocery list? Anne-Hélène Lavoie answers in the affirmative. On the Voilà site, by clicking on the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab at the bottom of the page, consumers are informed about this.

For similar products, we offer prices comparable to those of our IGA stores in Quebec. The prices and promotions of our delivery service may differ from those offered in store, and not all offers available in store are available on Voilà.

Excerpt from the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the Voilà website

“Although part of the same family of brands, Voilà by IGA and IGA operate independently of each other. Therefore, the promotions you see on Voila. ca may differ from those of IGA. net or IGA stores. »

Difficult for the consumer

Although the information is available on the site, the practice is, to say the least, “questionable,” said Christian Desîlets, professor of advertising at Laval University.

“It is very difficult for the consumer to know that Voilà par IGA and IGA are separate entities. To add to the confusion, the IGA flyer promotes Voilà, he notes.

In the flyer, at the bottom of a page, it is indicated in small print that the prices are in effect in participating IGA and IGA Extra stores.

“For it to be acceptable, it would have to be written in really big letters so that you couldn’t miss it. »

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