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the 3 best games of the moment on the platform



Here is a small selection of the top 3 games available on Netflix for all subscribers.

It’s been a few months since Netflix, the giant in the video streaming industry, embarked on the adventure of mobile video games. Currently, subscribers have access to a growing catalog of titles that cover all registers and all styles. Of Stranger Things: The Game to Shooting Hoopsthe firm offers video games for all tastes.

Among them, here are our three favorite games of the moment, the ones we literally can’t live without. This should help you see more clearly what is good to take, despite a rather meager catalog (for now).

Relic Hunters: Rebels

The first title is one of the last added. This is a fresh and colorful RPG that requires a lot of dexterity and motivation. You must create weapons, and use them against your many enemies and “triumph over the ducan empire“. To do this, you must choose a character from a selection. Everyone has specificities in combat, like Jimmy for example, which we prefer because he is the best shooter.

Improving weapons is also an important part of the game. You can increase the rate of fire, the range or even add projectiles, so that your Hunter is more and more powerful as the adventure progresses. If you are an action fan, this game should please you.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

Published by Riot Forge, the label that deals with Riot Games franchises, Hextech Mayhem is an explosive rhythm game, in which every false step rhymes with detonation. With an important narrative heritage, the game invites you to discover its colorful universe, extremely well finished and its characters from the franchise. League of Legends. We have nothing to say about this very entertaining title, which stands out as one of our favorites.

Krispee Street

We end with Krispee Street, a puzzle gameWhere is Charlie” that will keep you going for many hours. Also very colorful and with drawn graphics, it offers you to find certain elements in an overloaded decor that has neither head nor tail. A good way to entertain us in transport or in queues and which will only require observation. It is therefore a game that is suitable for complete beginners.

Credits: Netflix

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