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the 5 announcements that should not be missed!



Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon, Stray, … There was heavy going during Sony’s last State of Play.

This June 2 at night, Sony held a State of Play which opened the season of video game announcements. On the program, we knew that we were going to hear about certain games for the PSVR 2, but also to have news of third-party games. Finally, Sony decided to offer us much more, and today we find ourselves with many announcements that have satisfied our appetite as gamers. Here are the 5 games that should be remembered from this State of Play.

street fighter 6

It is one of the most anticipated titles, but also the most dreaded. Barely announced, Street Fighter 6 had created a lively controversy and players were just waiting to see what its gameplay would look like. So here is the second trailer for the fighting game, which still promises us great things. On our side, we love its atmosphere between nostalgia and modernity.

Final Fantasy XVI gameplay

The time has finally come for fans of Final Fantasy to revel in a particularly awaited gameplay video. This is the game Final Fantasy XVI. Still no release date in sight for this title, but it is still scheduled for 2023 at the latest news.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Yes, you read that right, Resident Evil 4 comes out of the cupboards to afford a remake version. The same and better is the watchword at Capcom, which must succeed in not disappointing fans of this opus often considered the best of the entire franchise. Resident Evil 4 Remake even got a release date. It will be accessible from March 24, 2023 on PS5 only.


It’s one of the most anticipated games on PlayStation this year. stray is an independent title that puts you in the shoes of an alley cat in a futuristic city with a very cyberpunk look. So far, it had no specific release date and quite a few gameplay images. We now know that it will be available on PlayStation and PC on July 19.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

We conclude this tour of the best announcements with the PC port of one of the most popular titles on PlayStation consoles, we named Marvel’s Spider-Man. This adventure game that puts you in the shoes of spider-man will soon land on PC in a remastered version, after its success in 2018 on console. See you on August 12 to (re)discover it.

And much more

Of course, Sony announced a few other games during its State of Play that are also worth checking out. We think in particular of the PlayStation port of the game Tunic, which we loved on Xbox, but also of the gameplay video of The Callisto Protocol, who hadn’t heard from him for a while. To rewatch the entire presentation, you can find the replay below.

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