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Have you just acquired a PSVR 2? Here are the 5 games to download first on Sony’s headset.

On February 22, Sony released its famous PSVR 2 designed to accompany the PS5. The new generation virtual reality headset has focused on its games available at launch, 37 in number. Among all this choice, many VR games have received free upgrades, optimizations but also quite a few new features. If you own a PSVR 2 and still haven’t decided which game to start on first, here are the 5 titles you should not miss.

Resident Evil Village

Released in 2021, Resident Evil Village is the eighth installment in the horror game franchise. Given its success, Capcom did not hesitate to make it a VR game, like many horror titles. If the format lends itself particularly well, the game doubles the bet with stunning graphics, foolproof immersion and a captivating universe. When Lady Dimitrescu plays her charms, it is better not to be around.

You play as Ethan Winters, the same protagonist as in Resident Evil 7, who is looking for her daughter. His exploration leads him to a strange village, dominated by a castle populated by characters bordering on the fantastic.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

True headliner of PSVR 2 games list, Horizon Call of the Mountain is one of the never-before-seen exclusives. Specially created for the occasion, this spin-off of the license Horizon (After Zero Dawn And Forbidden West) transports you to the same post-apocalyptic world, but no trace of Aloy. You live your own adventure and decide which way to go.

Hunting, archery, exploration and combat are on the agenda in this new opus, which won over not only VR fans but also fans of the franchise.

No Man’s Sky

If you like great space adventures, No Man’s Sky is a gem to (re)discover without moderation. This timeless title is offered to you fully optimized for the PSVR 2 in a complete version totally faithful to the original game. It’s a sandbox title, which means you’re in control of your adventure. An open world awaits you in which you will have to explore, collect resources and objects and thus build your tailor-made space epic. We love its always beautiful environments and its efficient gameplay.

Gran Turismo 7

Since its release, PSVR 2 players have had eyes only for Gran Turismo 7, which got a VR update on February 22. And for good reason, today it is the most immersive driving experience possible. Already an excellent game on PS4 and PS5, Gran Turismo puts its graphics beyond realism and its exceptional circuits for the benefit of an accessible title, not only reserved for fans of cars and driving.

Synth Riders

If you are a VR fan, you probably already know Beat Saber. It’s not the only rhythm game worth a look, the proof is with this remastered version of Synth Riders. In this game, you control two neon-colored balls in a universe boosted with electronic music. The goal is to make movements in rhythm with the background sound to hit targets in different places in your field of vision. Don’t forget to warm up, the games are going to be tough.

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